Getting your fence Hurricane Ready!

As the peak of hurricane season kicks up in the Atlantic, it is imperative to take the time now to ensure your home, yard and fence are secured. Hurricanes whether large or small can bring a large amount of damage to your residential and commercial properties. With storms already brewing in the ocean, how can you protect your investment and home from unnecessary damage?

Is your fence old?

If your fence is beyond its years, maybe it is best to get a new one before you see a hurricane come across the radar (although at this point you may be cutting it close). Older fences often have rotten posts, which can lead to your fence being unstable and likely to be ripped from the ground during high winds. A warning sign if the fence wobbles in any relatively strong gusts of winds.

Give your fence a checkup!

If you have not already completed your seasonal maintenance, now is a good time to take the time to make sure your fence is in good condition. You should not be able to wiggle the posts in the ground. If you can, the likelihood of intense and gusty wind will definitely be able to wiggle them possibly causing your fence to topple or lean. Secure any loose pickets or hanging gates. One of the largest threats during a hurricane is the wind. Intense enough winds can cause gates or even pickets to break apart from the fence if not properly secure or installed. Get your repairs in now!

Check your branches and trees!

Prior to storms, residents often focus their time on securing objects on the ground and can frequently forget that another great threat is right above your head! Inspect the areas directly above every part of your fence for any overhanging tree branches that could fall on top of it. If you notice any dead or damaged tree limbs directly over your fence, trim them. In a severe storm, dead branches can causes hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage to your fence or even worse can turn into a deadly projectile causing extreme damage to your home or others.
Should you have a weak or dead tree, hire professionals now to cut it down. Weakened trees can easily fall and crush a fence. In the event the tree cannot be removed, creating a simple windbreak could easily protect a tree that may otherwise topple. Using sturdy, long poles in the ground and wrapping burlap around them all the way around the tree’s perimeter can break high winds and make it less susceptible to falling over. This methods works especially well for smaller trees.

Do you need some extra help preparing?

Let Armstrong be your partner in ensuring your fence is hurricane ready. With our expertise in fence and installations, we here to walk you through all your repair or new installation needs to ensure when a storm is our doorstep, your fence is the least of your concern.

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